Friday, July 29

7th CPC Fitment factor - incorrect pay matrix table.

7th CPC Fitment factor - incorrect pay matrix table. 

It is the really a good chance to change the fitment factor. Because of incorrect pay matrix table. Could any of the Union will step forward with it.

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After the recommendations only govt fixed as 2.57. Then what is the use of same table for that. Without changing the table, it should not be reflected. Govt smartly played, but Union should raise que on this?

Cabinet decision to give common fitment factor to all. But even 2.57 2.62 2.67 index remains same in the appropriate levels. No effect in 2.57.

For Eg
👉Basic 13500 * 2.57 = 34695.. Next level as per index table 35400 (level 1)

Basic 13500 *2.62 = 35370..  Next level 35400 (level 1)

👉after one increment basic 13905*2.57= 35735.(Level 2)

Basic 13905* 2.62 = 36431(level 2)

No use or no change as per pay commission recommendation report. But as per cabinet decision, 2.57 multiplication factor common to all.

round off figure should be 34700 instead of 35400.
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